About Michael and the studio


For the greater part of the last ten years I have spent my life surrounded by music, whether it was playing on the road with my bands (Sirena, Burn it to the Ground) or spending time in studios I have always had the need to be involved in the music creating process. I started my journey in music engineering by tracking rough demos and pre production for Sirena at the age of 17. Over the years of recording with other engineers I always payed close attention to their processes and seeing how they work. However, upon observing these engineers I also learned that to some recording is just a paycheck and they don't really care how an up-and-coming musician's recordings sound because it may not be heard over the airwaves to the masses.

This is not my philosophy. In my opinion every track that I record is a part of me and my studio, whether the track is heard by ten or 10,000,000 people I will give each track the same dedication. It is my goal to make sure every beat is on time and every note is in key because if your track isn't perfect then I haven't done my job correctly. Also, coming from humble beginnings I understand being a musician and the struggles that come with being a musician, so I am willing to work with any budget and we'll make sure you get the exact sound you are looking to achieve.

I welcome you to check out my portfolio of work below and if you are interested in setting up studio time please get in touch with me!

Check out my work!

Here is a selection of tracks that I have done full mixes on.

Here is a selection of tracks that I have tracked and were mixed elsewhere.

Here is a selection of tracks I recorded/edited vocals for.

Here is a selection of tracks that were tracked out of house and I have mixed.